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Tips For Beginning The Divorce Process

Seiden Says

Tips For Beginning The Divorce Process

by Sheryl J. Seiden, Esq.

For a spouse who recognizes that your marriage is irretrievably broken, here are a few tips to guide you through this difficult time:

  • Obtain a consultation with an experienced and reputable family law attorney to understand your rights before you engage in mediation or settlement discussions with your spouse.

  • Prepare a list of your assets, debts, income, expenses, and your spouse’s income, and compile statements for all accounts.

  • Gather documents to provide proof of any assets that existed prior to the marriage, were gifted from third parties, or inherited.

  • Monitor accounts and credit cards for excessive spending or withdrawals.

  • Avoid relocating from the marital residence as this could jeopardize your custody/parenting rights and exclude you from the residence for the duration of the case.

  • If your partner suffers from alcohol, drug, or mental health issues that impair their ability to parent the children, do not leave the children alone with the parent.

  • Secure your privacy by ensuring that your email and social media accounts are not kept open on a shared electronic device, and by changing your passwords to all accounts.

  • In order to limit the accumulation of marital assets and debts and the length of the marriage, either file for divorce or enter into a termination agreement through counsel with your spouse to limit financial exposure.

  • Do not change the beneficiaries on your life insurance or modify your other insurance policies.

  • Follow the legal advice provided by your counsel. If you do not trust the advice, then ask questions to obtain clarification and, if needed, obtain a second opinion.


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