Sheryl has been my attorney for over six (6) years. During that time, she has represented me in my divorce and family law suits. Over that time, Sheryl has and continues to provide invaluable guidance and advice regarding these litigations. She has counseled me on strategy and tactics that have led to the successful outcome of both cases. Without a doubt, her involvement clearly evidences her knowledge of law and extensive experience in family law. Her recognition by her peers and awards in the family law field underscores her ability to successfully resolve difficult family law issues, that other lawyers might find daunting. Without a doubt, her record of successful resolution of my cases has enabled me to avoid expensive litigation and craft outcomes that both parties in the suit are pleased with. I find her a valuable counselor relying on her good wisdom. Our relationship endures.  There is no question that should other issues arise where I seek a highly experienced, highly knowledgeable as well as brilliant attorney, I will reach out to Sheryl.

Going through a divorce was easily the worst experience of my life.  However, if one is heading down that path, I can think of no one better to work with in New Jersey than Sheryl Seiden and her team of professionals.  Sheryl and her team listened to what was important to me, and did everything in their power to help me realize my wishes while protecting me at the same time.  My divorce was very messy, with the opposing counsel trying everything possible to break me -- but Sheryl stayed the course, acting in the most professional manner, which enabled me to reach a satisfactory result for me, my ex-wife and the children.  Nobody wins in a divorce, but at least in my situation, I feel as though my ex-wife, my children and I are all set up for success as we enter the next chapter of our lives. For that I am eternally grateful.

Sheryl Seiden, Esq. is without question one of the top family law mediators in New Jersey. She brings to the table a level of attention and detail that few do. She truly brings it to a different level. However, once COVID-19 hit, she raised her game further. Sheryl took the lead in conducting mediations via Zoom and even educated the bench and bar on the process. She is a go to professional for family law mediation in New Jersey.

I am relieved that this chapter of my life is soon to be behind us. It's great news that all is moving forward without any problems. We realize it could have progressed into a worse scenario.  I truly believe that your beautifully worded last letter to my ex-wife’s lawyer, regarding further investigation,  put a scare into my ex-wife that ultimately lead to a settlement.  Thank you for listening to me, being my voice, and advocating for me. Your hard work and diligence is appreciated, and we feel that your reputation is well deserved.

During Covid-19 Crisis, Sheryl Seiden and her team diligently continues to work for theirs clients. I am one of them. They use every means to communicate with me such as virtually phone email. Then when we had to go to court they were there to finish the trial safely. With the Seiden Family Law team you are in good hand.

Sheryl did not let the pandemic slow her down, using virtual videos to conduct meetings and quickly adapting to the new processes in court to get results.

Sheryl Seiden has been a crucial help to me in dealing with my ex-husband, most recently in a suit with multiple allegations and many demands. Even in the midst of the pandemic, Sheryl and her team worked tirelessly to prepare my case, provide support throughout the process, and argue it successfully before the judge. Whether day or night, Sheryl always answered my questions, addressed my concerns, and developed a winning strategy. She has been with me every step of the way since 2017, and I truly thank her for her efforts to help me and my children legally both before, during and after the divorce.

I am extremely happy that this is all over.  Everything was handled so professionally and in a very timely manner.  I cannot thank Seiden Family Law enough for getting me through this most difficult time in my life.  I will keep in touch about my future endeavors.  Even though divorce it terrible and would not wish this among my worst enemy, I will highly recommend Seiden Family Law to anybody!

While the majority of domestic violence victims are women, abuse and betrayal of men in the relationship happens far more often than what you'd normally expect.  I am one of the men who ran into the situation totally unprepared and facing several allegations filed by my ex's lawyer trying to use them as leverages in the divorce settlement. Just like many people, I didn't know about our family law enough to realize the seriousness and the consequence of the planned allegations. Very fortunately, I found Seiden Family Law to handle my case. They were very honest about my case and did a great job to keep me from making emotional bad decisions which saved me time and money. After a very difficult uphill battle, Seiden Family Law helped me walk out of my disastered marriage with a fair settlement and a shared custody of my children. I am very grateful for what they did to get me through the process.   If you were in a similar situation, my best advice is to find a lawyer like Seiden that helps you to survive as their top priority. You shall not seek justices in the family law. Such a thought only makes you even poorer.

Thank you so much! You and your staff have been so wonderful and extremely understanding. I knew from the moment I met you that I was in good hands. I am very pleased with the outcome and especially want to thank Don for all his work and patience.  You have a very good team of people at your office. Thank you and I am gratitude to each of your team members. Sincerely grateful for all your help.

Words cannot express all of my gratitude for your help during this trying time.  I appreciated the fact that you knew what you were dealing with when it came to me and my emotions.  As much as I tried to stay the course there was always my rebellious and combative side that often overwhelmed.  There are certain aspects of my life where I exhibit control and discipline. Unfortunately, when it comes to passion and areas of sensitivity, I tend to loose myself and make poor decisions.  I know this about myself and will work on making improvements.  I decided to close the Married chapter of my life and not allow the misery to consume my present and future.  I still have a lot of life to live and lord knows I deserve a better future.  This divorce could have dragged out, could have cost two or three times as much if it wasn't for your help and guidance.  I'll never forget you.

Sheryl saved my life! I began my divorce process with another lawyer and everything was going wrong. I didn't realize how crucial a lawyer can be when things start getting ugly. Sheryl Seiden came highly recommended by several people and her and I hit it off immediately. Sheryl was compassionate, empathetic and intelligent. She is overall a funny wonderful human being- and a hell of a lawyer. She is tough and strategic and always kept me abreast with what was happening and what to expect next. Considering that divorce is awful and not what anyone plans for, Sheryl helped through this tough time in my life. She was always candid with me so nothing came as a surprise and her office staff was organized and friendly. I would recommend Sheryl a hundred times over for anyone looking for a family law attorney. Thank you Seiden Family Law and thank you Sheryl for truly making a difference! 

Sheryl was invaluable to me during the course of my divorce proceedings. She brought a great depth of knowledge and experience to my case and I feel it was her skill and dedication that resulted in a much better result than I thought I was going to achieve. Sheryl was very supportive of me from my first interview with her through the conclusion of the case. Sheryl also provided valuable references of people for me to contact when beginning this new phase of my life. I recommend Sheryl very highly and consider myself very lucky in having had her referred to me when I needed a divorce attorney.

Sheryl guided me through a very difficult 2 year process. She dealt with an uncooperative attorney and my very stubborn ex-wife. She never lost her composure and took the time to explain everything that was going on. There were multiple revisions to settlement agreements, negotiations in the court house cafeteria, an Early Settlement Panel hearing and meetings with an arbitrator. Throughout this 2 year ordeal there was never an unanswered phone call or email. Her charges were always accurate and I never had to question a bill. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Family Law Attorney. To sum this up, Sheryl made me feel that my case was her most important case. There was never an unanswered phone call or email.

I worked personally with Sheryl for years. She has a strong strategic mind and an incredible attention to detail necessary for a favorable result. Equally important, she is dedicated to her clients and counsels them throughout the process in an honest manner to help them reach the best possible resolution.

Sheryl Seiden is a wonderful family lawyer. There are many lawyers to choose from, but why not choose someone who is extremely intelligent, caring, responsive and direct? She does not waste time or rack up fees--she wants to resolve matters quickly, cost-effectively and fairly.

Sheryl was invaluable to me during the course of my divorce proceedings. She brought a great depth of knowledge and experience to my case and I feel it was her skill and dedication that resulted in a much better result than I thought I was going to achieve. Sheryl was very supportive of me from my first interview with her through the conclusion of the case. Sheryl also provided valuable references of people for me to contact when beginning this new phase of my life. I recommend Sheryl very highly and consider myself very lucky in having had her referred to me when I needed a divorce attorney.

Sheryl Seiden is one of the absolute best family law attorneys by far! She has been representing me for a divorce after thirty-one years of marriage. Not only is she extremely professional, but also compassionate, dedicated, extremely thorough and knowledgeable. I have been nothing but confident and at ease with Sheryl's services at the most difficult time in my life. She cares about her client's wellbeing as much as her cases. Sheryl goes above and beyond and for that I am eternally grateful. I would highly recommend Sheryl Seiden to anyone requiring a family law attorney.

I found Sheryl Seiden, Esq. through a previous client of hers. He heard of my "predicament" and came to me specifically to recommend her. The recommendation to Sheryl was a great blessing to me. Her written and oral arguments are not rude, cruel or divisive; rather they are well considered, focused and targeted. She is also someone with whom it is a pleasure to work, as is the team she assembles according to the needs of the case. Her resources and contacts are abundant, and her rapport with others in her field easy and well regarded. Anytime a client can come out of a divorce and recommend his/her lawyer is high praise indeed. I can absolutely and thoroughly recommend Sheryl Seiden.

For post-divorce proceedings with a difficult, unpredictable ex-spouse, thankfully I was referred to the legal counsel of attorney Sheryl Seiden. Sheryl's extensive legal experience with diverse clients served me extremely well. In tandem with her client, she synthesizes the options and crafts a road map for the best resolution of what is not the best of situations we may find ourselves in. Her advice is always empathetic, timely, pragmatic, most considerate and concerned for the ongoing and long-term welfare of my children and myself. Personable, authentic and skilled in preparation, behind the scenes and in court, Sheryl delivers phenomenal legal services in a fiscally responsible manner. Sheryl aims to prepare you for your transition from divorce to a new beginning. From countless mediations and divorces, she understands the importance of securing the best for her clients who are in a stressful life-changing process. Sheryl Seiden's expertise in handling cases in various jurisdictions and with a variety of narratives is most valuable to anyone considering divorce. Her practice is never boilerplate but tailored to meet the specific needs of her clients. Her goal to service her client as best as possible is beyond compare.

I have been a client of Sheryl Seiden's for the last several years. She has represented me through my divorce and post-divorce actions. She has provided me with outstanding service, guidance, and emotional support in some very difficult times in my life, often taking on the role of a financial advisor and therapist. Her legal expertise and knowledge in the area of family law puts her in a league of her own and I would not be where I am today without her. Divorce is never easy, but Sheryl and her staff have always treated me with kindness and sensitivity, along with exceptional legal representation. Sheryl Seiden is one of the best family law attorneys in Union County and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of such services.

Sheryl was invaluable in helping me through my divorce. My case was extremely complicated due to its international component: spouses from two European countries living in New Jersey during an international work assignment. Sheryl demonstrated great skills in dealing with different international divorce laws and defended my interests by working out a settlement that protected me and my children. Not only was Sheryl dedicated to the case, but she also cared about me as person. I remember that after several attempts to reach an agreement with my ex-husband (which would then allow us to leave the US and return to our respective countries), Sheryl organized a last meeting in her office with the opposite party. Her objective was to have an agreement signed by the end of the day: after several hours of difficult discussion and negotiation, a divorce agreement was signed by both parties at one o'clock in the morning! Since I am back in France, Sheryl and I remain in touch. I have also, on several occasions, reached out to her as I needed some help and legal advice in dealing with certain issues. Sheryl has always been very responsive and efficient. Going through a divorce is a painful experience, but Sheryl's sense of dedication, professionalism and compassion made it easier...

I've been privileged to have Ms. Seiden on my team through a long and painful divorce experience. The extraordinary results she achieved in my case are now literally in the history books. Her professionalism is exemplary. Her depth of knowledge is outstanding. Her involvement with the clients is very personal and supportive. I consulted with many attorneys around the country and I have no doubts that I got the best of the best when having Ms. Seiden as my attorney.

It is widely known that going through a divorce is a very stressful and an extremely difficult process. Having Sheryl represent me as my divorce attorney really helped to make that process as easy as it could be. She was always quick to respond to all of my questions, and gave solid, realistic advice. Her goal, along with mine, was to get the fairest settlement she could, as quickly as possible. She is personally invested in each and every one of her cases and really makes you feel like you are her main focus…something that is pretty rare and important during a very difficult time.

When my marriage failed and I was facing the heartbreaking process of divorce, I found Sheryl. She is a protective warrior with integrity, honesty, compassion and knowledgeable about the law. I highly recommend her services.  You will not be disappointed.  Thank you for all of your help Sheryl!  

Sheryl Seiden was my calm in the storm during what was one of the most stressful times of my life. Even though my case was small comparatively, I always felt like a priority and she was always very responsive. Her experience, wisdom and compassion guided me through my divorce to a fair end for everyone. I absolutely recommend her to anyone who has to go through this painful experience.

Sheryl represented me in what can only be described as a high conflict divorce. She was tough and aggressive at all the right moments. But, she also knew when to negotiate and suggest a compromise in order to move the ball forward. Sheryl never lost sight of the big picture -- getting it done quickly and well. And she did.

Sheryl is highly competent attorney capable of dealing with complex family law issues. Beyond her extensive knowledge of the law, she is also very pragmatic and able to bring issues to resolution. She was very helpful to me and i would highly recommend Sheryl to anyone in need of matrimonial counsel.