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Co-parenting Convo: Tricks and Treats Tips for Halloween Co-parenting

TREAT: Do check your Custody and Parenting Time Agreement or Plan in advance of Halloween so that you avoid any miscommunications or misunderstandings about how Halloween is handled.

TRICK: When creating a holiday schedule, don’t assume you must alternate all holidays. Halloween is a great holiday to share for co-parents that get along. Consider taking your kids trick or treating together. If being together makes your frightful, allow one parent to take the children to the school parade and the other trick or treating that evening.

TREAT: Do make the most out of the Halloween season by taking your children pumpkin picking, apple picking, or to a community Trunk or Trick if your kids are with their other parent for Halloween night.

TRICK: Don’t make the holiday about you or your co-parent by putting the children in the middle of the decisions.

TREAT: Do discuss with your co-parent costumes in advance so that your child is not the only one without a costume or with too many to choose from.

TRICK: Don’t ignore concerns from your co-parent about your children’s safety. As a family, discuss safety tips with your children to help ease any anxiety that your co-parent may have.

TREAT: Do help your children make a jack-o-lantern for your co-parent to encourage your kids to respect both of you and to promote healthy co-parenting.

TRICK: Don’t forget to let your co-parent know about any school activities or special events that your children are attending for Halloween.

TREAT: Do share pictures with your co-parent of your children dressed up in their costumes.

Follow these Tricks and Treats so that you and your children have a ghostly good time! Seiden Family Law, LLC wishes everyone a spook-a-ling and Happy Halloween!


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