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Co-parenting Convo: Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferences

For co-parents, the anxiety of meeting the teacher while seeing the other parent may cause added stress. I put together the following tips for co-parenting while attending these difficult situations:

  1. As soon as you receive the notification for a parent-teacher conference, share it with your co-parent to ensure they too can calendar the event.

  2. If you have a choice for parent-teacher conferences, check both your own calendar and your co-parent’s calendar so that the conference is scheduled when both of you can make it.

  3. Before any conference with your child’s teacher, discuss with your co-parent any issues that you intend to raise regarding your child and his or her education.

  4. Consider starting a Google shared calendar for the family so that you, your co-parent, and your children all can work off of the same calendar. This also helps eliminate unnecessary communication between you and your co-parent, thus, reducing unintended arguments.

  5. Make sure your children know how important they are to both you and your co-parent and that you are each taking an active and interested role in their lives.

By following these rules and remembering what is truly important – your children – you and your co-parent can have a successful and educational parent-teacher conference. If you need assistance handling co-parenting or other custodial issues, contact us at Seiden Family Law, LLC today.


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