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Co-parenting Convo: Celebrating Hanukkah

With eight nights to celebrate the holiday, this can create eight opportunities for co-parents to celebrate with their children separately, and even together.

Families can choose to celebrate together in separate households virtually, to split time, or even to begin new traditions. Get creative and create a theme around each night to celebrate the holiday including lighting the Menorah, cooking traditional treats or meals, playing dreidel games, making crafts or sharing memories of past celebrations with family and friends.

Co-parents who choose to celebrate in separate homes can tune into these new traditions over digital mediums such as Zoom, FaceTime, or other platforms. This can provide children a feeling of togetherness, while remaining safely separate. Families and individuals can even celebrate nightly with their Temple congregations with online lightings or other traditional activities. With smart phones, tablets, laptops, or even the antiquated landlines, families can still stay in touch with family and friends, protecting each other from harm as best as they can.

Traditions can be important, especially for children who are missing their pre-pandemic activities, and schedules. Now is a great time for new traditions and to get creative to make things fun, special and safe during this time. Through healthy co-parenting methods, the holidays can be a wonderful opportunity to uplift their spirits. We at Seiden Family Law wish everyone happy holidays and hope for everyone’s triumphant futures.


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